Consultancy and Development Services

Mike and Chris believe that downsizing from your family home, freeing up cash to invest and to do more of what you want to do is the way to go and why not bring back that community feeling you enjoyed years ago in a resort style living where you can meet new friends that have experiences and hold similar values and interests to you.

If you have a Retirement or Lifestyle Village and need to increase sales performance or village operating performance Mike and Chris are the team to turn to.

Already we have clients who are seeing the benefits of our consultancy services and you can choose from services across;


Project Management
– land development approvals
– civil works and infrastructure
– housing design and procurement
Marketing and Sales Performance
– market assessment and competitor analysis
– marketing strategy and positioning
– sales documentation
– superior sales performance
– sales database management and reporting
Village Management Services
– operational performance review
– village management
– village policy and procedure review

H&H Development Enterprises can provide a unique opportunity for the right solution for your business where you get Mike and Chris working directly with you and your team.